These are just a few of the testimonials written by people who have been through The Thrive Programme…..

quotes_66I contacted Simon about anxiety. It seems funny now reading that list of symptoms I had at the first session. I have changed so much since our first meeting. You don’t realise how much your thinking habits and limiting beliefs affect you. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut of thinking negatively without even realising you’re doing it. It was great working through the book with Simon who was always enthusiastic and encouraging. Before you know it you’ve changed and you find yourself laughing when you realise your negative thinking habits. It’s definitely worth working through the Thrive Programme if you’re feeling down, constantly anxious or stressed. Thanks Simon. Brian. 40. Consulted for Anxietyquotes_99


quotes_66I’d always thought that I had Emetophobia due to an experience I had when I was roughly 6 years old. I believed that that was the trigger which meant that I was to have this incredibly debilitating phobia for the remainder of my days. Suffering in silence was a simple fact of my life before I completed the Thrive Programme. I used to avoid so many things because of my emetophobia. Even carrying round mints, stomach settlers etc was a normal behaviour for me. Now, I do none of those things. Having been expertly guided through The Thrive Programme by Simon, I now understand that I was simply creating this phobia myself in the here and now. Once I understood that it wasn’t about that event when I was a little girl but about how I process that now, I felt so liberated. It was like taking the chains off that had bound me for so long. I can’t recommend the Programme highly enough. Thank you Simon for your help in showing me how to change my life. Kelly .33. Consulted for emetophobia.quotes_99


quotes_66I had been suffering from my fear of sick/being sick for all of my life and I would do some crazy things to avoid being in a situation where I might have to be near it; I would avoid eating out, stay away from doctors surgeries, pubs etc. I never went on a plane even ! I thought I would have to suffer with this for the rest of my life. Now I know that that’s so wrong ! I went throught The Thrive Program with Simon and WOW ! All I can say is that I am so over my phobia. I feel free ! Since finishing my last session with simon I have eaten out twice, and have a very active social life now. I’m even going to Spain in a couple of months (Flying of course) ! It was a brilliant program and Simon helped me through it brilliantly. I cannot thank him enough. My life is changed. Lois.24. Consulted for emetophobia.quotes_99


quotes_66 I contacted Simon after searching for help with my anxieties and depression and stumbling across his website. At first I didn’t think that Thrive would be able to help me but I was willing to give it a go. Simon came across as so positive and confident that I felt that I was swept away by his enthusiasm. After the second session I started to belive that there was something in it. By the end of the program, I’m a changed man! I feel so calm and in control of the stuff going on in my life. Before I was permanently anxious and worried about every little thing but now I am able to deal with whatever quotes_99comes ! Cheers Simon. Gary. 27. Consulted for anxieties and depression.


quotes_66Weight has been a problem in my life for over 20 years and I have tried numerous diets and forms of exercise over the years without any real success. What I hadn’t realised is that it wasn’t the diets that were failing, it was the way I was thinking about them and the lack of belief I had in myself. When I heard of Thrive, whilst still very sceptical, it was something different and seemed worth giving a go. Having just finished going through the Thrive Programme with Simon, the difference in the way I think about things is immense and what I got out of the programme is much more than I had expected. While I haven’t come through the programme 5 stone lighter and a size 10, what I have come out has greater valuable… I have the confidence, the belief and the knowledge to not only get me to my target weight, but also to move forward in so many other areas of my life as well. I am so glad I went through the programme and send a massive thank you to Simon for his support, guidance and humour throughout – I would recommend a Simon/ Thrive combo to anyone ready to put in the time and effort to help themselves change, move forwards and Thrive! quotes_99 R.S.  Treated for issues with weight


quotes_66I suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember – I always believed it
was something I had had for so long and it couldn’t be changed. How wrong I
was! I cannot recommend you or the Thrive Programme enough. The Thrive
programme is amazing and you have been brilliant in guiding me through it. I have a completely different view on my life and what I am capable of. The simple things in life that were a struggle for me in the past are now enjoyable. I’m quite liking being me! To anyone considering doing Thrive, I would say GO FOR IT. It does take effort, but if you put in that effort you can absolutely turn your life around. Thank you so much Simon xquotes_99   Jane, Watford


quotes_66I would like to give my sincere thanks for the professional manner in which you guided me through the Thrive course. The results by way of concerted and determined effort on my part with your first class help and guidance have proven to be most beneficial to improving my life and my whole way of thinking and behaving. I feel such a dramatic change upon completion of the course and do genuinely believe that it is so much better than “other” forms of therapy in that it has addressed the root of my problems, namely the way I perceived life and its issues. To remedy the cause and not the effect. Once again, thank you dearly.
Mel, Hertsquotes_99


quotes_66I recently finished working through this book with a thrive consultant. I was plagued by periods of excessive vomiting usually following a sore throat whereby I vomit about 5 times an hour for up to 48 hours. Unsurprisingly this left me extremely fearful of sore throats/sickness bugs I found out about the thrive program online and thought I would give it a go. The book is very well written, Rob completely understands why a person is emetophobic and how you can make simple changes to your thinking and cure your problem. Although the changes you need to make are simple they do require a determined effort every day, but for me the results were amazing. During the program I got a sore throat and I managed to stop myself from having a vomiting episode. In addition to this I am a more confident and positive person with much higher self esteem. Defiantly recommend!quotes_99


quotes_66I just felt the need to scream and shout about this!!
I suffered for years and years from what I now understand to be emetophobia.
Not even realising anybody else suffered from it and thought that I was the only one! Life was like prison for me, I avoided anything and everything that reminded me of anything to do with being sick, the fact that I can even write about it is a big achievement and testament to the consultants ability to make me realise why and how I found myself in that hell hole of a life I was in.
I now realise that although I was living my life in a constant state of acute anxiety and fear, not by(conscious)choice, that I had the power to choose not to be.
In fact one of the more difficult things to get over through this training course has been getting used to living without all the fear as I could not imagine life without it for so many years.
I would like to thank Rob Kelly from the bottom of my heart for showing me the way to change my life and can not recommend this book enough to anyone who has suffered like me. Xquotes_99



quotes_66A must for positive coherent change!!! I worked through this book 17 months ago when my life was a mess. My thinking had completely lost all happy or useful course. My ability to understand my inner strength was all but gone. This course completely changed all that. It is not a self-help book as such; more a simple ‘statement’ which logically re-wires your thought processes and in my case, returns them to their proper function, to work for you rather than against you. It lays out a simple coherent way to keep the power of your thoughts completely internal, eradicating the damaging limiting belief systems I had let enter my thinking which took my life out of my control and into a very dark place. I was taught how to re-awaken my concept of belief in my thinking as independent of itself which allowed for a new freedom and new response to my life and how I live it. It’s main aim is to be logically empowering, aiming straight out belief systems which affect your self esteem, your social anxiety, and your point of mental control. This book is in no way exclusive or over-academic. It is a completely simple and powerful book which changed my life.