Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy at the Harrow Hypnotherapy Clinic

How many sessions will I need?

For simple, isolated symptoms, you may just need anything between 2-3 sessions of Hypnotherapy.

How long does each session last?

Approximately 75 mins.

What are the session costs?

Suggestion therapy sessions are £125 per session.

Easy Smoking Cessation is £295 for the two session course.


Is it normal to feel awkward or embarrassed about seeking help?

Absolutely not – most people do! One of the hardest things can be just picking up the phone to make the initial booking. However, I help up to 20 clients a week which shows the popularity and effectiveness of hypnotherapy.


Will it work for me?

Well, that depends on you! From my personal experience, if a client is putting in the correct amount of effort they always will get either completely or significantly better. Therapy will not work for people who are only looking for a magical quick fix.


What is the effort I need to put in?

You need to engage and interact in the session, be as open and honest as you can.  Generally, apply your knowledge from our sessions to your everyday life as much as possible. Occasionally I may set you little tasks further on in the programme, nothing too daunting, just to help you to create new positive beliefs and behaviour.


I’ve seen stage performers doing hypnosis – will I end up doing silly things?

Volunteers for stage performances are hand picked and are generally the types of people that would be outrageous in normal life. You cannot and will not be made to do anything that would be against your will. Similarly, you will not say anything in hypnosis that you would not normally wish to reveal. Although you are relaxed, you are still in complete control.


What does hypnosis feel like?

It is an wonderfully relaxing state, rather like a pleasant daydream. You are conscious of your surroundings and aware of everything that is happening throughout the session. The brain wave patterns of people in hypnosis show alert wakefulness.


Can I be hypnotised?

Anyone can experience hypnosis unless they are unwilling to do so, are incapable of any degree of concentration or are drunk or high on drugs.


Can I get ‘stuck’ in hypnosis?

Never. You can come out of hypnosis any time


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